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    Stone village

    • Rudnia-Zamyslovytska, Ukraine
    • Stone village$$
    • +38 (04135) 9-54-43, (098) 703-54-26, (067) 449-01-32
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      Natural Monument

      State Geological Reserve "Stone Village" is located in the Polesski reserve, Zamyslovichskaya forestry, 30 km north-east of the regional center Olevsk. Huge boulders scattered in the woods between the pines and oaks form "Streets" in which "home", "church" and "school". On one of the stones there are three grooves resembling human foot prints - "traces of God." Probably brought boulders glacier, after which they were subjected to weathering. There are several folk legends the origin of the "Stone of the village." One of them tells how greedy people of the forest settlements denied shelter to travelers, for which he was punished - their home petrified.

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