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    • Pryberezhne, Ukraine
    • Kara-Tobe$$
    • 11:00-17:00 
    • +38 (06563) 2-34-41, 2-89-58
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      Museum, IV in. BC - II in. BC

      Greco-Scythian settlement of Kara-Tobe the IV. BC. e. - II centuries. n. e. is located on the west coast of Crimea, near the resort of Saki. Excavations have confirmed the hypothesis that Kara-Tobe hill there was an ancient fortress Evpatorion built during the Diophantine Wars (110 BC. e.) When Pontiac troops of Mithridates IV Eupator pitched here Scythian army. Later the fortress again okazalasv hands of the Scythians. Found fragments of defensive walls, the ruins of the tower-dungeon, the foundations of other structures. On the basis of Archaeological excavation on the site of Kara-Tobe created open-air museum, under construction Scythian village, reproduced Scythian farmstead I in. BC. e., Guided tours. Indoor stylized former defensive tower BSF bunker Coast Guard opened the Museum of Antiquities of North-Western Crimea. The exhibition - antique coins, pottery, household items, finds from the necropolis and weapons.

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