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    Kinburn Spit

    • Ochakiv, Ukraine
    • Kinburn Spit$$
    • +38 (05154) 3-07-56, (095) 046-25-86
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      Natural Monument

      Kinburn Spit - the western extremity of the peninsula, separating the Dnieper estuary of the Black Sea. Length of about 40 km, width of 8-10 km. Herodotus described as Gilea (wooded land), later there was a road "from the Vikings to the Greeks." With oblique associated with multiple myths and legends: the temple of Demeter, the sacred grove of Hecate, of Scythian gold and athletic games in honor of the victory in the naval battle of Achilles, the Greeks then called plait Achilles Running (according to another version, it's about. Dzharylgach). In the XV-XVIII centuries. by contrast Ochakov there was a Turkish fortress Kinburn, near where Alexander Suvorov in 1787 defeated a large Turkish troops (preserved ramparts of the fortress, a memorial monument to Suvorov). Between Ochakov and Kinburn in the middle of the estuary in 1790 poured artificial c. May to block the fort, which controlled the entrance of ships in the estuary (still run by the military). In 1992, on the spit created regional landscape park "Kinburn Spit", which is part of the Black Sea Reserve. On the territory mentioned about 60 species of animals, listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Here nest about 240 species of birds: swans, pink pelicans, geese, pheasants, herons, white-tailed eagle and others. Attracts tourists empty and clean beaches. Excursions to historical and reserved places organizes administration RLP "Kinburn Spit".

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