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    Kinburn Spit

    • Pokrovske, Ukraine
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      Kinburn Spit is located in the northwest of Kinburn Peninsula. Sandy strip located between Yagorlytskim Gulf and the Dnieper-Bug estuary.

      Location is one of the most beautiful in the world, is on the list of the Black Sea Reserve. The eastern part of Kinburn Spit is located in the Kherson region, and the western - in the Mykolaiv region. The length of the braid is about 40 kilometers, width is 9-10 kilometers, and the area - more than 18 thousand hectares.

      1992 was the year of the formation of the regional landscape park called "Kinburn Spit". Its area at the moment is 17 890.2 hectares.

      Kinburn Spit is not landscaped paved roads, so the sandy shore can be reached only by jeep or on foot. If you take a walk, you can enjoy plenty of amazing plants that grow on the sand Spit. Among them there are also quite rare species flea and wading wild orchids. The territory of the reserve is a good place for research.

      If you're lucky, tourists will be able to reflect the unique shots of pink pelican. To do this, go into natural bodies of water and wait for the appearance of birds. Currently, Kinburn Spit is open to all comers, the entrance to the protected area is free. To get to the sandy areas can be on a boat, from the port city adplyvae Ochakov.

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