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    Museum of local lore

    • Gluhiv, Ukraine
    • Museum of local lore$$
    • 9:00-16:00, вых. - Пн. 
    • +38 (05444) 2-27-94
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      Hlukhouski local history museum is located in a two-story building of the Noble Assembly (1811), made in the style of a provincial classicism. The museum was founded in 1902 as a museum of Ukrainian Hlukhouski antiquity. Its centerpiece is a private collection gluhovchanina M. Shuturova. The exposition covers the history of the city from ancient times to the second half of the XX century. Housed in five halls: Hall of nature, "deaf medieval" Hetman hall, "History Glukhova XIX century." "Deaf during the Great Patriotic war. "

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