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    Museum of local lore

    • Saky, Ukraine
    • Museum of local lore$$
    • 10:00-17:00, вых. - Сб, Пн. 
    • +38 (06563) 2-35-43, 6-27-27, 3-12-80
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      Museum Saki resort is located in a historical building built caretaker imperial salt pans Balashov for the Countess Panina in 1913. According to another version, the mansion was built for the Tsarevich Alexei, who suffered from hemophilia and require treatment Saki mud. The main exhibition is dedicated to the development of mud since 1803 to the present day. The exhibition nature of Saki region samples of flora and fauna, minerals, relief maps of the Crimea. Also presents paintings works with the Crimean landscapes. Before the entrance you can see the carved from a single piece of stone, and bound iron hoop bath, which was used in spas to 1880.

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