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    Museum of local lore

    • Zmiiv, Ukraine
    • Museum of local lore$$
    • 8:00-17:00 (прер. - 12:00-13:00), вых. - Сб, Вс 
    • +38 (05747) 3-14-40, 3-22-30
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      Zmievskoy District Local History Museum was established in 1991, located in an old two-story house. The basis of the exhibition are archaeological finds made in the territory Zmievschiny - more than 10 thousand. Exhibits. In particular, the presented tools Labour Stone Age weapons and chainmail of Kievan Rus, household items XIX century. Among which the most interesting are the primitive loom and sawmill. In the gallery the most interesting works of local artists, depicting royal train wreck, and based on this place Spassov skit, legendary Cossack mountain.

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