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    Museum of local lore

    • Kostopil, Ukraine
    • Museum of local lore$$
    • 9:00-18:00 (пер. - 13:00-14:00), вых. - Сб 
    • +38 (03657) 2-27-62
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      Kostopil District Local History Museum is located in a small one-story house in the city center Kostopil. Submitted 10 exhibitions of nature, history and ethnography. The exhibition "The Nature of native land" the most interesting diorama "River and meadow "and" Forest ". In the ethnographic corner renovated interior polis'ky home, a complete process of making fabric. The archaeological collection includes work tools prehistoric times, fragments of pottery, bronze ware. On the history of the region tells the exhibition "Kostopilschina with the IX. To 1921". Stands "Kostopilschina today" is actually a promotional exhibition of products of local enterprises. On the ground in front of the museum exhibited a large collection of military equipment period World War II, opened the 40th anniversary of the victory. Among the 17 exhibits - tank IS-3, MLRs BM-13 "Katyusha", self-propelled guns ISU-122 and ISU-152, 203-mm howitzer B-4, automatic anti-aircraft gun, etc. ..

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