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    Volodarsky District Local History Museum

    • Nikolske, Ukraine
    • Volodarsky District Local History Museum$$
    • +38 (06246) 2 - 13 -54
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      Volodarsky District Local History Museum in the village. Volodarskogo is the fairgrounds, which consists of four exhibition halls, exhibition hall, open-air museum and memorial complex "Alley of Heroes" with the bust of the hero The Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor, built recently.

      The museum fund has slightly more than 9,000 exhibits, including archaeological, ethnographic mterialy, photographs, household items and numismatics. The main museum acquaint visitors with the historical past the edge ("History settlement and development Volodarsky District "), with its ancient history (archaeological finds of the late Paleolithic, discovered at the site of the ancient sites of settlers on the banks of Kalchyk), with geographical features, flora and fauna of the edge (Hall of nature). Complements this diorama exhibit bright founded in 1927 unique local nature reserve "Stone Tomb" which is part of the Ukrainian steppe natural reserve of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

      Of particular interest is a kind of military glory hall - exposition "Volodarsky region during the Great Patriotic War." Here are the photos of that time, various military awards, rare documentary evidence, samples of weapons, frontline religions that are of particular value. The main attention is paid to the layout of the interior of the dilapidated farmhouse. The emotional impact of this exhibition is aimed at a dramatic moment - suddenly burst into peaceful life destructive and terrible war.

      Considerable attention is paid to residents of the province and heroism displayed in this difficult period of history.
      Hall of History Museum acquaints visitors with the best teachers, athletes, leaders, cultural workers, milkmaids and farmers edge - beautiful faces and heroes of labor.

      On-site open-air museum vividly presents monuments Polovtsian tribes - "Polovtsian women" and bulky tools that have been used in agriculture.
      One of the priorities in the work of the museum and its staff is to protect the many monuments of history, culture and archeology in the territory of Volodarsky district. Much attention is paid to research and scientific work of the stock, aimed at the preservation and development of historical and cultural heritage of the region.

      It is worth noting that the regional museum Volodavrskogo area twice, in 2007 and in 2009, honored with a victory in the nomination "Best Cultural Institution Volodarsky district."

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