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    Swan Islands

    • Portove, Ukraine
    • Swan Islands$$
    • +38 (06553) 9-85-38
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      A group of six islands, spread over 8 km along the coast of the Gulf Karkinit on which the spring and summer is going to a huge number of migratory birds. Its name the islands gave Brauler German scientist, who visited here in the context. XIX century. , Saw a huge the number of white mute swans, and came to the conclusion that they are nesting. On Somoza fact, it is the most important portion of the migration routes of birds in Africa, Europe, Asia. At the same time in the clusters they happen to 75-100 thousand., And during the day at the height of the flight - to million! Here are created ornithological reserve of international importance "Swan Island" - a branch of the Crimean State Reserve. Seen strictly limited.

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