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    Letichevsky Castle (Dominican Monastery)

    • Letychiv, Ukraine
    • Letichevsky Castle (Dominican Monastery)$$
    • 18:00 (Вс - 10:00, 18:00) 
    • +38 (03857) 2-04-53
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      fortification, 1598

      Fancy a round crenellated tower rising above the highway Vinnitsa-Khmelnytsky, is a fragment Letychiv castle built in the XVI century. Kamenetskikh elder J. Potocki at the request of the Polish king. Earlier Letichev was a wooden fortress which has been repeatedly burned Tatars. Once in 1606 Potocki with Protestant converted to Catholicism, the castle passed at the disposal of Dominican monks. They brought with them from the Vatican icon of the Mother of God (a copy of the icon of the Roman cathedral St. Peter) and started rebuilding the castle under the monastery. Assumption Church (XVI-XVII centuries). Since then, a sanctuary (holy repository) Letychiv icon of the Virgin - patron saint of Podolia (now the icon is in the Polish Lublin, and Letichev - copy). During the Liberation War of 1648-52 years the monastery was destroyed, but soon recovered. During World War II concentration camp was located here, in Soviet times - warehouses. In 1989 the church was returned to Catholics, is restoration. Front of the tower is installed monument buried here Ustimov Karmalyuk folk hero.

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