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    Literary Museum

    • Staryi Krym, Ukraine
    • Literary Museum$$
    • +38 (06555) 2-12-44, 2-11-19
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      Starokrymskiy Literary and Art Museum is located in a two-story mansion, built in the second half of the XIX century. in the style of the southern Russian classicism. It used to be a merchant meeting teachers' seminary, then the City Party Committee. Exposure the first hall is dedicated to ancient and medieval period in the history of the city. The second room is the story of the Old Crimea after its annexation to Russia. In particular, the work of M. Voloshin, A. Green, K. Paustovskogo and others. In the tea room of the museum guests Tatar offer sweets. In the courtyard garden arranged stones set restored "Catherine Mile" - roadside sign along the route of the Empress Catherine II during her trip to the Crimea.

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