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    Boat station in the park named. newspaper Pravda

    • Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
    • Boat station in the park named. newspaper Pravda$$
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      Boat station - a kind of business card of the city. It was built in the middle of the last century on the left bank of the park newspaper "Pravda", the opening ceremony was held in May 1957.

      The station building was designed by architect Vasily Sumaneev and sculptor Leonid Perge. In those days, a boat ride can be as little as 30 cents. Over time, the station became one of the traditional places that visited the couple after the marriage. 

      Now the station continues to work, and here in the summer, you can still rent a boat or catamaran.

      At the initiative of the city authorities is included in the list of architectural monuments of the city.

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