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    Makeevsky art-museum of local lore

    • Makiivka, Ukraine
    • Makeevsky art-museum of local lore$$
    • +38 6-33-82
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      Art-museum of local lore of Makeyevka, was opened in 1958. The composition of the total fund of the museum consists of written and handwritten materials collected from the time of its discovery, and consists of eight rooms, two of which-exhibition. The total number of exhibits the museum has about 30,000 items.

      The pride of the museum are considered ethnographic, geological, archaeological, paleontological and numіzmatychnyya collection.

      The museum also includes a large collection of ethnography of Ukraine, as part of the agricultural machinery, tools, folk costumes.

      Numismatic collection includes about 3,000 copies, the most since. The most interesting exhibits are the discoveries that have been found on the territory of Makiyivka: tips Neanderthals, bronze tips of the Scythians, Scythian daggers, and and paleontological fossils.

      The most valuable exhibit of the museum - ashelskіh ax found directly at the Makeyevka.

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