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    Mavrinskiy maidan

    • Novoselivske, Ukraine
    • Mavrinskiy maidan$$
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      Mavrinskiy area - it's a huge, mysterious, complex configuration earthwork on the eastern outskirts Mezeritch. A bird's-eye resembles a crab or some weird symbol. Has the shape of a truncated cone with a hollow, from which symmetrically depart serpentine embankments. Near it is an ordinary, unremarkable, although rather high hill. There are several versions of his appointment. On one of them, Cossacks used it as a defensive structure. There is a hypothesis that Mavrinskiy area was formed as a result of predatory conventional excavation mounds or device after they saltpeter development. Finally, some researchers see a connection between the area and the construction Mavrinskiy position of the sun at different times of the year. Perhaps, before he was a church, religious, Religious buildings, where the ancient inhabitants gathered for rituals, or calendar-like complex Observatornaya English Stonehenge.

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