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    Mosque of Sultan Baybars

    • Izyumovka, Ukraine
    • Mosque of Sultan Baybars$$
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      Baybars mosque ruins - a living reminder of the glorious history of the city Solkhat, its wealth and prosperity of that tumultuous religious and secular life, which turned it into the capital zolataardynskaga province Taўrychaskіm Peninsula.

      Today, Old Crimea - a quiet provincial town, and in the XIII century it was named Sodhat had its own mint and a male slave market. It is on the men's market solhatskom began his amazing way of the future Sultan Baybars of Egypt. In 1247 the young prisoner here was selected for the palace guard the sultan of Egypt. A month later, he was in Egypt, and, through his character and abilities, graduated from madrasas, became head of the protection of the Sultan. In 1260, in a coup, he became the first person in the state - the sultan of Egypt.

      In 1277, wanting to celebrate his hometown and to perpetuate his name, Sultan Baybars sends 2,000 dinars in Solkhat to build a mosque. As historians write, the temple walls were covered with marble, and the top - Parfіr high minaret is visible from all corners of Solkhat. 

      Unfortunately, up to now only preserved remains of the walls, but for them to guess the former grandeur of the mosque. Now the issue of the restoration of this historic monument, and conducting major archaeological work in its territory. 

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