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    Medzhybizh Fortress

    • Trebukhivtsi, Ukraine
    • Medzhybizh Fortress$$
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      Medzhybizh Fortress is a majestic castle, which dates back to the foundation of XI-XIII century. Citadel repeatedly destroyed in many wars and was restored by passing alternately as a trophy, which fought parties.

      By the way, in this regard, in the image of the citadel clearly observed architectural mix of styles, including the present elements of oriental style, as for some time the fortress was under Turkish rule. In ancient times, the fortress occupied a strategic position, as originally located on the border of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and later the Kingdom of Poland.

      Now most beautiful architectural monument is under construction, but in offices located museum, the exhibition is open to the public. Of great interest are also castle church, barracks and knightly tower.

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