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    Mena Zoo

    • Mena, Ukraine
    • Mena Zoo$$
    • 9:00-17:30 
    • +38 (04644) 2-10-52
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      entertainment complex, 1977

      Zoo Mena - the only Ukrainian, which is located in the district center. Founded in 1977, the local nature lover G. Polosmak. Former police sergeant organized in his home zoo, which eventually turned into a private zoo, and then the zoo of national importance. Today Mensky zoo covers an area of ​​about 3 hectares. It is home to 560 animals of more than 120 species. The greatest interest visitors are primates (monkeys Basil and Nina), tiger, lion, brown bears, bison, Nimogau antelope, camels, crocodiles, pythons.

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