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    Monastery of St. George

    • Dobriachyn, Ukraine
    • Monastery of St. George$$
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      St. George's Monastery is an architectural monument of the city Chervonograd and belongs to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

      Svyatoyursky monastery was founded by the Basilian Order for Voivod Saleziyu Potocki at the beginning of 1763. The main purpose of the monastery - the care of the local and neighboring parishes and missions of the folk.

      At the site of the former wooden buildings of the monastery, in 1771 - 1776 years, built a new cell. As a result of the fire, the building was damaged, and only in 1888, fully restored and expanded. In terms of building monastic cells L-shaped, two-story, built of brick in the style of late classicism and baroque. Facade is decorated simply, exceptions are only the northeastern part: here in the decoration used flat blades and window frames made in an elegant baroque style.

      The monastery complex includes a large church of St. George, which consists of three volumes, the central volume is crowned with a beautiful dome of an ellipsoidal shape. Facade of the building emphasizes the speaker corner block, completed by a triangular pediment. 

      The monastery is closed, it created on its base branch of the Lviv Museum of history, religion and atheism, and some time in his building was organized by the Art Gallery. But since 1999 the monastery of St. George again resumed its activities.

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