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    Motroninsky Monastery

    • Melnyky, Ukraine
    • Motroninsky Monastery$$
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      religious building, 1198

      The ancient Orthodox monastery in Montroninsky Bleak Yar is located on the site of ancient settlement and the still more ancient Scythian settlements (preserved Scythian shafts). According to legend, at the time of Yaroslav the Wise was a fortress here princely Miroslav magistrates. Returning from a trip to the Pechenegs in 1036, Miroslav decided to test the protection of the fortress, which is charged to his wife Matrona. Attacking a fortress under the guise of enemies, Miroslav was accidentally killed most matron. Discover all Matrona accepted monk and founded a monastery, which was called by her name. Official founding date is considered to be 1198, when Simeon chronicles mention Pereyaslav Bishop Paul laid in Motroninskom monastery church of St. John the Baptist. In 1568 began revival of the monastery after the Mongol destruction, it was under the auspices of the Cossacks. In the XVIII century. Motroninsky monastery became a center of the struggle against the union, as well as a bulwark Haidamaks. In 1768 3 thousand. Haidamaks got here blessing the fight against the Polish gentry where to start Koliivshchina. These events are described in the poem "Haydamaky" Shevchenko, who visited the monastery in 1845 preserved Trinity Church, built in 1727 and reconstructed in 1805 privately built housing in the past years. Next - Gaydamak (monastic) pond in which the Holy Haidamaks knives, as well as the miraculous power of St.. Anufry.

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