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    Chekhov Museum

    • Sumy, Ukraine
    • Chekhov Museum$$
    • 10:00-17:00 (Чт - до 16:00), вых. - Пт 
    • +38 (0542) 25-11-96
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      Museum, 1960

      House-museum of Chekhov in Sumy created in a noble family homestead Lintvarevyh (XVIII-XIX centuries.), Located on the Bow. In 1888-89 years the writer lived in the western wing - one-story white house with six columns and porch. Sumy their impression writer used in the stories of "Name", "Boring Story," plays "Goblin" and "The Seagull." About farmstead Lintvarevyh he wrote: "Abbazia and the Adriatic Sea are great, but Luke and Psyol better." The museum opened in Chekhov centenary of his birthday in 1960 The memorial exhibition tells the story of Chekhov's Luke about his medical care to local residents, the creative work and trips to Ukraine. Restored interiors living room and dining room, guest room and "room Antosha", which served Chekhov bedroom and a study. Museum staff conduct tours of local lore. Also save more eastern wing of the manor Lintvarevyh in which the writer's family lived when, in 1890, Chekhov traveled to Sakhalin.

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