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    Museum Dovzhenko

    • Sosnytsia, Ukraine
    • Museum Dovzhenko$$
    • 8:00-17:00, вых. - Вт 
    • +38 (04655) 2-15-90
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      Museum, 1960

      Literary Memorial Museum Dovzhenko open at home in Sosnitsa filmmaker. He was born in 1894 in a large rural family in a remote area Vyunische within this village Sosnitsa. Hence went to study in Hlukhouski Teacher Training Institute, then in Zhitomir and pre-revolutionary Kiev. His biography included a complex service in the armed forces of UNR, the conclusion in the Bolshevik camp, joining the Communist Party, a Polish prisoner, work in the People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs, and so on. E. The founder of the Ukrainian World fame National Film School Dovzhenko won after the release of its outstanding paintings "Zvenigora" and "Earth", the latter of which is now listed among the best films of all time. Creating a museum director in Sosnitsa started In 1957, after his death. Dovzhenko kept his father's house, which recreated the situation around him in his youth. In the literary exhibition presents a collection of his short stories and film story. In the courtyard of the manor is set effective, expressive Dovzhenko monument (sculptor A. Fuzhenko, architect A. Ignatenko).

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