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    Museum sugar factory

    • Chervone, Ukraine
    • Museum sugar factory$$
    • +38 (04136) 4-67-20, 4-62-45
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      Sugar Factory in Red in the XIX century. acquired from the landowners Groholsky family of industrialists Tereshchenko. They modernized the plant in accordance with the best technology at the time. F. Tereshchenko, fond of aviation, founded during the aviation factory workshop. As an airfield used by the racetrack. In 1910, based on the French "shelving units" was built seven aircraft, one of whom fought in the Russian army in the First World War. Engineer at the company he worked one of the parents of the world Aviation Sikorsky, who later created the means of Tereshchenko largest aircraft of the time, "Ilya Muromets". After the revolution, the factory was nationalized and later opened a museum on the territory of the enterprise. In recent years, the exposition was added Family Tereshchenko materials and their contribution to the aircraft. Handle to the checkpoint.

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