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    Suvorov Museum

    • Ochakiv, Ukraine
    • Suvorov Museum$$
    • 8:30-16:30, вых. - Ср 
    • +38 (05154) 2-21-01, 2-27-11
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      Military History Museum. Suvorov was opened in 1972 in a former Turkish mosque (now - Nicholas Cathedral). Recently, the museum moved to an office building in the city center. The exhibition introduces the course of Russian-Turkish wars. Presented weapons, uniforms and armor, flags, documents and maps. The main exhibit - a unique diorama "Storm Ochakova Russian troops, December 6, 1788" The work of the famous artist M. Samson - is currently in storage until it is not prepared to new premises. You can see the reproduction. In the courtyard of the museum - gallery of busts of Russian generals.

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