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    People's History Museum accordion behalf VA Barelyuka

    • Vinnytske, Ukraine
    • People's History Museum accordion behalf VA Barelyuka$$
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      People's History Museum accordion him. VA Barelyuka was opened at Miner's School of Art in 1983. Unique and unusual composition of the museum is not only a special collection of musical instruments, but also in creativity and guides museum staff to familiarity with the exposition visitors. A story about a particular subject collection is accompanied by playing the various harmonics. Only here for one tour, visitors will hear "hromka", "Saratov" with bells, "Turtles" and, of course, modern accordion.
      Exposition of the museum fund can rightly be considered unique and special. Here are carefully preserved rare exhibits such as a concert harmonica end of XIX century, accordion-bug, Saratov accordion, harmonica, flute and ratchet. A collection of rare scores, sheet music, methodical editions for Music Education Bayan, records, paintings and photographs of teachers and winners of various competitions harmoniously complement the large collection of accordions, also represented in the museum.

      Today it is represented by 86 accordions and harmonics of different models and styles, including rare examples. Lovers of antiques will appreciate fіsgarmonіyu beginning of the XIX century and the sound of the gramophone.

      Museum earning it the title of People, and in 2009 was named the winner of All-Ukrainian competition for the best public museum. Open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00 hours. Weekend - Saturday and Sunday.

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