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    Nicholas Cathedral (Mosque)

    • Ochakiv, Ukraine
    • Nicholas Cathedral (Mosque)$$
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      religious building, XV-XIX centuries.

      The former Turkish mosque - the only surviving building Ochakov Turkish times. Located on the shafts of the fortress Ochakov (Achi-Calais), taken by Russian troops and the Black Sea Cossacks in 1788 after the defeat of the Turkish squadron Russian-Zaporozhye fleet and the troops of Alexander Suvorov. After the capture of the city in 1794, the mosque was turned into an Orthodox church of St. Nicholas. First it was built on a wooden dome, and in 1804-07 years was carried out major reconstruction: attached stone altar, narthex and the porch and stone minaret converted into a bell tower. In Soviet times, there was the Military History Museum. Alexander Suvorov. Now the building is again passed the church is restored. In the churchyard are buried marine painter R. Sudkovsky and Ochakovskiy Commandant A. Schetinin. Next to Nicholas Cathedral is a monument to Alexander Suvorov.

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