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    Nudist beach Berdyansk

    • Berdiansk, Ukraine
    • Nudist beach Berdyansk$$
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      Nudist beach is located on the Berdyansk Berdyansk spit, in a reserved, inaccessible place, surrounded by trees and tall grass.

      Here the lovers bezpolosochnogo Sun, substituting gentle sun your body. Pure white sand and warm Sea of ​​Azov attract both young people come mainly couples and middle-aged people who prefer located in splendid isolation, alone with nature. Here you can often find a family with children who do not mind their nakedness and the natural look of those present on the beach adults.

      Nudist beach in Berdyansk is characterized by its democratic, here permitted the presence of people in bathing suits. Here come a lot of girls who want to sunbathe topless, but shy to undress on the traditional beach.

      Unfortunately, the beach is absolutely not ordered, there is no sun loungers, parasols and urns. Therefore, nudists appreciate his place of solitude and try to observe cleanliness, calling for this beginners.

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