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    Odessa Zoo

    • Odessa, Ukraine
    • Odessa Zoo$$
    • +38 +38 (048) 722-55-89
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      In Odessa is one of the oldest zoos in Ukrainian - it has 90 years of age. In Odessa zoo complex history, its construction was postponed several times and transferred, at the current location - near the famous Odessa market "Privoz" - It is located since 1938.

      The zoo's collection more than fifteen hundred copies of animals 252 species. Among them - the unique animals listed in the Red Book: Indian elephant, pink flamingos, the Far Eastern leopard, mute swan. Here in akvateraryume can see tropical fish, rare amphibians and reptiles. This is the only zoo in Ukraine, where the breed Indian elephants.

      For zoo visitors conducted survey and thematic excursions, there is a pet shop and exhibition insects. Zoo staff conduct ecological holidays for young visitors, in addition, there is a playground and rides, organized skating pony, lama, camel. Acts circle of young naturalists. The zoo is open every day.

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