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    Siwash Lake

    • Overianivka, Ukraine
    • Siwash Lake$$
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    • Unusual Sіvash lake is located in the south of Ukraine, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers. The second name of the lake - Rotten sea, it is because of the strong hydrogen sulfide smell coming from the pond and soars across the county.

      The unusual Sіvash because it is not just the lake, and a large system that includes water, land, islands, peninsulas, channels, bays and coves. Lake consists of 11 bitter-salty and just salty bays. The area of ​​the lake can be compared with territory of a small country such as Luxembourg, - for all it is 2640 km.

      Sіvash - it plytkae lakes, and deep space does not exceed 3 meters. On this lake can be mined salt, fish and, most importantly - to be treated with mud. Researchers say that Sіvash dirt is not inferior to the world famous Dead Sea mud. IL Lake rich in minerals, and the level of salinity in some places reaches 100%, which gives the magical effect, through which people come here from different countries.

      The area around Lake deserted, and need to get to the car, and the local villages for a small fee rent cozy rooms. Concerned, it is important to know - this place is for recovery, so there is no entertainment nearby. 

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