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    Artyom monument

    • Sviatohirsk, Ukraine
    • Artyom monument$$
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    • Monument to Artem - a monumental statue of the legendary revolutionary, looking at the city from above. Kolasa led to the mystical and mysterious elevation, which is called Bald Mountain in Svyatogorsk.

      In the early autumn of 1927 on top of the mountain was open chalk famous monument to revolutionary and organizer of Donetsk-Krivoorozhskoy Soviet Republic - Sergeyev Fedor Andreyevich, better known by the name of Artem. His nickname is the name for the monument served. 

      The authors of the statue became famous in his time architect Verbenko GV and sculptor Kavaleridze IP Reinforced concrete monument differs strongly, in fact cubic style of architecture, which made sculpture, up to 30 meters in height. The monument is a popular attraction and an integral part of the local landscape.

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