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    Monument to Nikolai Kutsenko

    • Lozove, Ukraine
    • Monument to Nikolai Kutsenko$$
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      Monument NE Kutsenko was established on the site of his grave in the park mine "Lidievka." Kutsenko was a navigator 73 Guards Regiment and died heroically in battle with German fighters. The aircraft captain was shot down opponents, he fell, drilled ground to two meters in the vicinity of the mines, which were under German occupation. Local residents tried to dig up the plane, but only managed to keep the tablet Kutsenko, who was secretly hidden from the Germans. Remains of the aircraft were found by chance during construction work, navigator remains were reburied at the Alley of Heroes. On his tomb stele rises obelisk with a star. Previously, the monument was decorated and model aircraft captain, but, unfortunately, it has not been preserved.

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