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    Monument "political commissar of the Soviet Army. Combat "

    • Stepove, Ukraine
    • Monument "political commissar of the Soviet Army. Combat "$$
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      Monument "political commissar of the Soviet Army. Combat "is set near the village of Good, not far from the highway, which will connect from Lugansk Lisichansk. It was created by sculptor I.M.Chumakom Lugansk. Served as the prototype of the famous picture M.V.Alperta "Combat", which depicts a feat junior political officer of the Soviet Army Alexei Eremenko Gordeevich during the Great Patriotic War. Seen the picture literally stunned sculptor.

      The monument was erected in 1980 near the site of the fighting on the hill, where there was an observation post. At the top of the mound of Fame signed 30 granite slabs. Penalty monument was cast in bronze, on his pedestal is a marble slab, where gold letters carved commemorative inscription dedicated to the heroic feat of political workers of the Soviet Army in 1941-1945.

      On the square for ceremonies, before the monument in marble railing stored capsules with the sacred land of the hero-cities of the former Soviet Union.

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