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    Park "Sofiyivka" in Uman

    • Rodnykivka, Ukraine
    • Park "Sofiyivka" in Uman$$
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      Arboretum "Safіeўka", which was founded in 1796, is famous far beyond the borders of Ukraine, and his peers did not know, and in our country. Imagination park visitors for over two hundred years, surprising combination of technical genius of thought and art park - All embodied in the amazing waterfalls, fountains, underground rivers and caves, which merge with the stunning beauty of the natural landscape.

      All corners of the park in one way or another connected with the myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome. The main entrance to the park is decorated with two guard towers, whose crown was taken from the temple to the goddess of home and hearth fire of Vesta. Shady paths along which flows the river Kamenka, takes the visitor deep into the "Safіeўka."

      Once you mіnetse smooth turn, eyes open pavilion of Flora - the goddess of flowers and spring. Through the white colonnade of Doric style overlooking Lefkada rock where you can see the observation deck "Belvedere".

      Safіeўskіya park is absolutely worth a visit any time of year, because it is always good: and in the winter silence, and in spring bloom, and in the summer heat, and the golden autumn coolness.

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