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    Pyramid tomb

    • Berezova Balka, Ukraine
    • Pyramid tomb$$
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      architectural monument, 1898

      Tribal family tomb Zakrevsky in unusual forms of Egyptian pyramid was built in the late. XIX century. known lawyer I. Zakrevskogo who was in the service of Emperor Alexander III, was a member of the Masonic Lodge and was fond of Egyptian culture. According to one version, he was also the Russian ambassador in Egypt. He built a chapel-mausoleum over the grave of their ancestors most likely has a secret symbolic meaning. In the burial structures combined classical forms and pagan Egyptian pyramid attributes with the Orthodox symbols. Thus, the entrance to the chapel of "protected" Zakrevsky brought from Egypt statue of the goddess Isis, and on the portico over the entrance was located Orthodox cross. In the center of the hall was an Orthodox altar with a large stone cross. I. Zakrevskii himself died in 1906 in Egypt, his embalmed body was taken to the Birch Rudki and buried in the mausoleum. Berezovorudsky pyramid is one of three pyramidal temples on the territory of Ukraine. Under the Soviet regime the chapel was desecrated and looted, now building in poor condition.

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