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    Freedom Square

    • Kharkiv, Ukraine
    • Freedom Square$$
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      historic area, 1926-28.

      Freedom Square in Kharkov - the central square of the city. One of the twenty largest squares in the world. According to legend, at the time of construction was the largest area in Europe (11.9 ha), although in fact a similar area then already had Chess Area Bordeaux (12 ha), and the area of ​​Kuibyshev in Samara with surrounding squares was even greater (17, 4 ha). Freedom Square was built in 1926-28 as the new administrative center of Kharkiv, the then capital of Ukraine. First, had the name of a revolutionary Felix Dzerzhinsky, who oversaw the construction (it is believed that he was the initiator of clearing chaotic building the historic center of Kharkov). Since 1995, the area is the current name. There are often political actions yapmapki, festivals and concerts.

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