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    Beach Koblevo

    • Kobleve, Ukraine
    • Beach Koblevo$$
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      Koblevo - a unique place, where they met three natural healing factors: the sea, the steppe, filled with scents of medicinal herbs, healthy air and pine trees.

      Amazing natural features Koblevo made it a very popular seaside resort and climatic. Amazing air cocktail, created by a combination smell of the sea, blossoming steppe and aroma of pine needles capable of just a few days restore health, give strength, improve mood. Sea bathing and sunbathing will help the body recover after the holiday period.

      On the beaches of Koblevo all conditions for a pleasant stay. First, try to Mother Nature - it created a wide strip of sand stretching for almost 6 kilometers long and carefully sprinkle it with fine sand. People could only master these areas and equip them with all necessary. On the beaches you can now not only a lazy lie in the sun, but also to ride a scooter on the water "bananas", check their physical fitness by scrolling pedal catamaran. If you are not attracted to outdoor activities, that is a nice opportunity to relax in the shade canopy beach cafe with a cool beer.

      On the beach Koblevo rest well with children. Here a gentle entry into the water and safe sandy bottom. Since the depth of the small, the water warms up quickly and in high season the temperature is set at around 23 ... 27 degrees.

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