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    Pniewski Castle

    • Nadvirna, Ukraine
    • Pniewski Castle$$
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      fortification, XVI century.

      Powerful defensive Pniv castle built in the foothills of the Carpathians in the context. XVI century. on the ancient trade route transkarpatskom from Galicia to Hungary. Served as the residence of the Polish magnates (from other sources - Hungarian or Moldovan) Kuropatvov kind, and also served as a customs point. Pentagonal structure with four corner and one gate tower was once a powerful fortress Prykarpattia. In the center was located residential palace Kuropatvov. Strength tests repeatedly lock endured during the Polish-Turkish wars of the XVII century. As well as during the popular uprising led by Mr. Kardash, A. Dovbusha and others. In 1648 Pniv castle, which was led by elected H. Partridge, withstood a siege of five thousand Cossack army under the command of Colonel S. Vysocany. After the completion of the liberation war led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky owners had to rebuild from the ruins of the castle, but he soon lost importance and fell into disrepair. Attempts at restoration undertaken in the XIX, and in the XX century. But so far without success. Access is free.

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