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    Pniewski Castle

    • Nadvirna, Ukraine
    • Pniewski Castle$$
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    • Pniv Castle - a defensive structure of the XVI century, located in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, near the town The court. The fortress was built by the Polish feudal lords Kuropatvami.

      It reached its peak after numerous reconstructions in the XVII century. Pniv Castle served as an outpost during the Polish-Turkish wars and played a major role during the liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Poles. In the XIX century building lost its relevance, and the locals began to dismantle the walls of building materials.

      The construction has the form of an irregular pentagon with defensive towers. It was surrounded by thick walls and a thickness of 1.5 meter wide moat, so get to it was possible only through the entrance tower, connected to the drawbridge.

      Until today, the castle remained dilapidated tower, living quarters of the palace, part of the walls and underground dungeons.

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