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    Powder Tower

    • Lviv, Ukraine
    • Powder Tower$$
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      fortification, 1554-56 years.

      Fully preserved fragment of fortifications of Lviv, one of the 17 towers that were part of a ring of city fortifications. Monument of military defensive architecture of the Renaissance. Powder Tower was located on the shaft of the defense for the second line fortifications served to defend the approaches to the city on the east side. Also used to store gunpowder and ammunition, and in peacetime - as a grain warehouse. Built of rough-hewn stone, semi-circular in plan, a three-story, covered with a pointed roof. The thickness of the walls up to 2.5 meters. For more than four centuries the ground level rose hid the lower part of the tower and a half or two meters. Since 1959, the room takes Architect house with an exhibition hall.

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