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    Transfiguration Monastery in Golovchintsah

    • Holovchyntsi, Ukraine
    • Transfiguration Monastery in Golovchintsah$$
    • +38 5795017
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      Holy Transfiguration nunnery in the village Golovchintsy first mentioned in the middle of the XVI century. Paper for the donation of land, dates back to 1540., Nikolai Sinyavsky, recalls the temple of God. However, at this time of monastic houses already existed, since there is a note of it (unfortunately without dates) in the securities of the highest ranks of the time, and even in the mourning literacy Chartoriyskogo at the monastery abbot.

      First was the abode of android, but in the XIX century had Monastery transformation in women's directed by the Synod. Creator of the temple, most likely, is the abbot Nicodemus, because of his writings found in the Constitution. In addition, the prior of the initial manuscript Nicodemus information monastic cloister wrote, but in our time information on the whereabouts of this manuscript is not known.

      In 1920 the monastery monastery was closed and the room sheltered homeless. During the Second World War in the surviving monastic cloister nuns returned, however briefly, the monastery is closed again until the 1990s. To 96 in the building of the temple is a children's boarding.
      In the temple there is a source of St Anthony the Great. In addition, according to tradition, taking care of the church of St. Onuphrius the Great, whose form can be found here.

      By the way, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, or rather his sister, are actively engaged in activities related to the charity. So, the ministers of the monastery help hospitals, child care centers and special nursing homes and clothing food.

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