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    The ruins of the Caravanserai

    • Staryi Krym, Ukraine
    • The ruins of the Caravanserai$$
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      Inn, caravanserai, or rather its ruins, located in the southern part of the Old Crimea, near the street Guerrilla, at the intersection, which nowadays referred to as Greek and river.

      Caravanserai built in the beginning of the XIV century at the entrance to the town, immediately after its erection, he became a kind of center and the largest public building. Caravanserai was huge size courtyard in the form of a pentagon with an area of 2500 square meters.

      To get to the yard is possible through a large carved portal. Courtyard along the walls had a kind of gallery, stand on wooden pillars. In these galleries to store goods, and there are separate rooms for guests. In the center of the courtyard, has a ceramic water, were covered by arches arches, which were selling expensive oriental goods, silks and utensils.

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