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    The Dnieper River

    • Kyiv, Ukraine
    • The Dnieper River$$
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      Dnepr along its length (more than 2 thousand kilometers) and area (more than 500 thousand square kilometers) is the third European river after the Volga and the Danube. Dnieper flows in the three countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. Longer track it - within Ukraine, which is located on the banks of 26 cities.

      After the reservoir has been constructed cascade Dnipro represents a number of artificial lakes, which are separated by L, and on both sides of the channels dug. Here is found more than 70 species of fish - almost all known species in the Ukraine.

      In Kiev, tourists are invited to go on a fascinating walk along the Dnieper river on a boat or a boat. In this plain of the river is calm, slow flow, meandering stream and picturesque shores.

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