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    Lolo Dad's Restaurant

    • Ternopil, Ukraine
    • Lolo Dad's Restaurant$$
    • +38 (0352) 25-17-17
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      Lolo Dads Restaurant opened on 14 February 2000 .. The restaurant is striking not only for its gastronomic data, but the memory of World War II, which also affected the building of the restaurant - on the wooden walls of institutions still visible bullet holes, and the floor at the entrance to the restaurant - floors.

      The restaurant serves foie gras, Chilean sіbas, soft potatoes with porcini mushrooms and mushroom sauce, roasted lamb, assorted cheese Roquefort, Gruer and parmesan, grilled chicken and beef, salad "Caesar" salad with shrimp, seafood . baked onion soup, as well as in the establishment of accessible and festive tasting menu.

      Desserts are also worthy of praise. Patrons are advised to try a layer cake with dark chocolate and almonds, various kinds of ice cream and other sweets.

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