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    Saki mud lake

    • Volodymyrivka, Ukraine
    • Saki mud lake$$
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      Sakskae lake - the pride of the Crimean peninsula, known for its medicinal mud. Studies have shown that it is even better known Dead Sea. Therefore, they come here tourists from all CIS countries, Europe, America, to improve their health. Salt Lake depth of only 1 meter reaches a length of about 5 km and its width - about 3 km. Not far from the lake is a thermal spring, which has a mineral water temperature of 45 degrees.

      Sakskae Lake - supplier of healing mineral mud. Like other salt lakes of the Crimea, it plytkae, its area - about 1,085 hectares. Back in the 30s professor Shchukarev SL developed special measures to protect the lake from Sakskgo desalination - pump it served seawater. The healing properties of the lake has long been known, but the first mud baths opened in 1827.

      Currently the lake - it's 5 reservoirs, united by one name. Treatment to be as effective as possible, of course, will be sure to consult with experts, because self-dangerous by any means.

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