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    Sanatorium Ochakov, Ochakov

    • Ochakiv, Ukraine
    • Sanatorium Ochakov, Ochakov$$
    • +38 (05154) 3-06-52, 3-00-26, 3-00-61
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      General information:Sanatorium for children with parents "Ochakov" is located in the heart of the resort town of Ochakov on the beach and occupies an area of ​​18 hectares. Sanatorium "Ochakov" is part of the DP "Ochakovskoe union sanatoriums" Company "Ukrprofzdravnitsa" which also includes a boarding house with treatment "Surf" and the hotel "Roksolana".
      Profile of the sanatorium "Ochakov": diseases of the respiratory and nervous system. There rehabilitation department treatment of children accompanied by parents with diseases of the autonomic and peripheral nervous system and not specific chronic diseases the respiratory system. There is a private clinic with all the necessary diagnostic, laboratory and treatment rooms; baths with bathrooms hydropathy departments and offices; Therapeutic recreation complex with a hall of physiotherapy and study Mechano. Offered physiotherapy: electricity, light, laser treatment, inhalation therapy, elektrogryazelechenie, speleoterapija and aeroionotherapy, iglorefleksotarapiya, electric, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and massage, various baths (sodium chloride, iodine-bromine, bishofit, coniferous, salted pine, sage, scented with lavender oil, oxygen, coniferous-pearl), underwater shower massage, circular shower, Charcot. In the clinical laboratory conducted a complete blood count, blood sugar, liver and kidney tests. There is a dental office. Non conventional therapies.
      Rooms:Rooms varying degrees of comfort in the sanatorium and summer houses.
      Restaurant:Dining room, providing three meals a day.
      The price includes:Meals - full board treatment.

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