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    The village Kutsevolovka

    • Kutsevolivka, Ukraine
    • The village Kutsevolovka$$
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      Kutsevolovka village - a small town in the district of Anufryeўskі Kirovograd region of Ukraine. According to the census in 2010, this village is home to 1,743 person and is almost 3,000 homes, not all of which are inhabited. Some, unfortunately, for a long time empty and destroyed, and some are used as building on the so-called suburban areas, who come to plant potatoes and vegetables beds with people from this village, which has long been settled in nearby towns.

      Kutsevolovka - is one of the most interesting names of villages and hamlets, which are quite common in the vast Ukraine. The origin of the name, many residents of this village have already forgotten. But, as they say, it is important that to get up to the Kremenchug not so far away - just some 40 kilometers away. And also the fact that this village has a lot of scenic spots, such as occurs on its outskirts Dnieper.

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