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    Square them. Shevchenko

    • Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
    • Square them. Shevchenko$$
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      Square them. Shevchenko - a favorite place of recreation for residents of Khmelnitsky. Until the XIX century. there was an oak grove on the outskirts of the old Proskurov. In 1824 on the site of the grove created Trade Area, part of the trees were cut down. For a time, the area was used as a military parade of the 46th Infantry Regiment of the Dnipro. In the context. XIX century. at this point decided to create an urban garden, the area began planting trees. Ornamental shrubs planted in the 1960-80 biennium, the same built cinema. Parkland area of ​​5 hectares has a regular plan. The main compositional unit is square with the monument to Taras Shevchenko (1992). Square is decorated with whimsical metal sculptures by contemporary artist H. Mazur.

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