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    Snezhnyanskiy Museum of Military Glory

    • Snizhne, Ukraine
    • Snezhnyanskiy Museum of Military Glory$$
    • +38 (06256) 5-33-72
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      The initiators of Snezhnoye museum of military glory in 1968, became themselves veterans with trepidation given the initial foundation of the future museum invaluable part of their memory - triangles, letters, personal belongings of the dead heroes, yellowed photographs. It is worth noting that this is the only museum of its kind in the Donetsk region. Residents first fired in the Donbass from fascist invaders of the city - Snezhnoe - cherish the memory of the past, the tragic events in the history of the city and its inhabitants, of the bloodiest war in human history.

      The museum fund painstakingly going to the city's residents, relatives and friends of those killed in the fighting. Today the museum exposition has more than 13,000 exhibits, located in several thematic rooms.

      The permanent exhibition "Snowy River during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.", Is dedicated to events such as the occupation of the city, the liberation of Donbass, Ukraine and other cities of the Soviet Union and the countries of Western Europe. It contains numerous documents and sources, photographs, personal belongings of soldiers, blog commander of the 5th Shock Army V. Tsvetaeva, various awards for Military Merit soldiers, underground and partisans.

      Not forgotten, and the exploits of fellow-snezhnyantsev - EN poles VI Chumachenko, AK Tkachenko, AV Balabaeva, DK Pogribnogo and VE Chalenko. All of them were awarded the title "Hero of Sovestskogo Union."
      The centerpiece of the museum occupies a full-scale diorama "Storm Saur-Graves, August 1943".
      In a separate exhibition hall to admire the least significant exposure "Scorched Kandahar", dedicated to the heroes and events of the war in Afghanistan.

      Special merit of the museum staff painstaking work to perpetuate the names of the dead, and the living combatants. Thousands of names included in several volumes of the "Book of Memory of Ukraine." Also the focus of the museum staff are and issues of patriotic education of the younger generation. To this end, themed evenings memory lessons of courage, literary and music lounges that allow students and young people to communicate directly with the participants Great Patriotic War.

      It is worth noting that for all time of its existence Snezhnyanskiy Museum of Military Glory has become an integral part of the history and glory of the city of snow.

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