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    Sophia Cathedral

    • Kyiv, Ukraine
      Volodymyrska street, 24
    • Sophia Cathedral$$
    • 10:00-17:30 (Ср. - до 16:30), вых. - Чт 
    • +380(44)278-62-62
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      religious building, XI century.

      Sophia Cathedral - the oldest surviving architectural monument of Russia, one of the largest Christian churches in his time. According to recent studies, St. Sophia Cathedral laid Kiev Prince Vladimir the Great in 1011, And it was built no later than 1018 (according to another version, the cathedral was built in 1037 to commemorate the victory over the Pechenegs Yaroslav the Wise is said in the "Tale of Bygone Years"). The grand building at the time with a very complex structure built on the model of Byzantine masters ST. Sophia in Constantinople. The current style of Ukrainian Baroque cathedral was initiated after the Metropolitan Petro Mohyla reconstruction in the XVII century. Italian architect. A. Mancini. The interiors have been preserved priceless ancient Russian mosaics and frescoes, part of which is hidden under the later drawings. Here are buried Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Vladimir Monomakh and others. Now Sophia Cathedral is a national reserve, entered in the register of World Heritage Sites. Located around the cathedral monastic buildings XVII-XVIII centuries. Home Metropolitan fraternal body, bursa, a refectory, a bakery, a cell and a hotel. The complex is surrounded by a wall with a gate and Zaborovsky southern entrance tower. Bell Tower, serves as the main gate, open to the public. In the square at the bell tower - the tomb of the UOC-KP Patriarch Vladimir, who was buried at the entrance to Sofia in "Black Tuesday" July 18, 1995 after violent clashes with the police believers. On the square - a monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky (1881-88 biennium).

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