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    Ostrich Farm

    • Yampil, Ukraine
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      Ostrich Farm in Yampal - the only one of its kind on the entire territory of the Donetsk region. It was built on the site of an old and abandoned farm for growing cattle. My dream is to establish a long cherished local businessman Dmitry Reznitsky, realize that it was only in 2003.

      The farm is located near a pine forest. The local nature, could not be better suited for a comfortable life of these beautiful long-legged and African birds.

      In addition to ostriches on the farm was a place for other animals: horses, ponies, wolves, bears and birds. Not without the usual farm fowl: pigs, rabbits, sheep.

      Farm-zoo visitors are allowed to touch the animal is wild delight younger guests. Main souvenir farm, without which there is no visitor, there is an ostrich egg.

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